BUP Career & Education Fest is the annual flagship event of BUP Career Club. It is a three-day job fair that enables students to connect with the most illustrious corporate houses and MNCs in the country. Last year, BUP Career & Education Fest was held from October 26th to October 29th. It was the 6th iteration of this event. The Title Sponsor of the event was Yellow.Last year BUP Career Club organized the 6th iteration , BUP Career & Education Fest 2021, by incorporating both physical and virtual booths for CV submission. The whole event maintained the most efficient blend of online and in-present corporate presence. More than 40 multinational corporations and corporate houses participated in the fest last year.

BUP Career Edge 2021

For a very long time, our world was plagued by a terrible pandemic. Nothing has been the same since that time. Nevertheless, despite all the commotion, BUP Career Club managed to organise their signature event, Smartifier Training & Consultation presents “BUP Career Edge 2021”. Career Edge is a mentoring and skill development programme which aims at enhancing the current skill set of undergraduate and graduate students. The programme comprises interactive seminars on a variety of subjects that are very relevant to the workplace. The objective is to prepare the participants for the problems they would face as adults. Participants are guided through the sessions with experts in their fields who also impart some crucial and useful life hacks.