BUP Career Club promises to be a true pioneer in providing a platform for the students where they can develop and demonstrate their talents while establishing themselves as accomplished individuals. BOARD-In 2018 was initiated with the BOARD-In pass as the ultimate prize; an opportunity to become an integral part of one of the most promising student bodies- BUP Career Club. It consisted of three rounds, which had taken place from 15 to 28 April, 2018. At first, in the ‘Online Registration’, interested candidates applied simply through submitting their CV and filling up some questions. A total of 155 candidates made it through to the second round: ‘Focus Group Discussion’. Here, candidates were grouped and presented with a case study which tested their critical thinking abilities to come up with pragmatic solutions while showcasing team spirit since. The qualifying candidates were put to one last evaluation, which was the ‘Final Interview’. Each candidate was questioned individually by the talented Executive Body members of the 2018 BUP Career Club, led by the dynamic president Mourin Mostafiz. In the end, 45 candidates made the cut after battling each round with confidence and grit.