MIC- Make It Count 2017 set the stage for public speaking competitions hosted by BUP Career Club, albeit being only an intra-BUP competition at first. It featured the uncharted territory of ‘Extempore Speech’ for the first round, followed by two phases of a rigorous story-telling round with time constraints that singled out the ten unyielding participants out of the initial 184. The third and final round required the participants to present publicly on a topic of their choice. The uncomplicated nature of the task meant that the presentations got competitive, and the finalists fought tooth and nail for the title of the most fearless public speaker.

It was possible only for the perceptive and expert judges to evaluate such close-quartered presentations. The judging panel was reserved by-

  • Naveed Mahbub, Founder and CEO, Naveed’s Comedy Club
  • Raihan Khandakar, Founder of Podium, Production Manager & Coordinator, Production Team, Uniqlo
  • Nafees Imtiazuddin, News Presenter, BTV
  • Commodore Syed Misbahuddin Ahmed, (C), NUP, ndc, afwc, psc, BN, DS Navy

In the end, Tauhidul Islam was declared winner, with Oliur Rahman and Aritree Arpa as the first and second runners up sequentially.