Board-In 2022 is BUP Career Club’s annual recruitment event in which the club brings together a group of enthusiastic individuals to become the new representatives of the club.(present tense) The whole process is divided into 3 segments: online registration, focused group discussion and final interview.This year online registration went on from 26th February to 3rd March. From a large pool of 483+ applicants, 285 applicants were selected through the screening process. The 2nd round was an offline round named “Focused Group Discussion” which took place on 4th March. This round tested the analytical ability and team working ability of the applicants. After this rigorous round, 150 participants got through to the final round. The final round was an offline interview which was focused on assessing the participants’ personalities and mindset. At last, 62 applicants were recruited as general members. The overall aim of this event was to bring in passionate learners in BUP Career Club to help the club flourish as well as contribute to their individual growth.