Despite being close to graduation, many students are uncertain about their future careers. The majority of them are unaware of the potential options on the labour market, while others lack suitable guidance. To ensure that every graduating student from Bangladesh University of Professionals can build a fulfilling career that they are passionate about, on the 7th January of 2016, BUP Career Club was established with Asif Ahmed Tonmoy on the lead, who is currently working as a Partnerships Coordinator at USAID’s Horticulture, Fruits, and Non-Food Crops Activity in Chemonics International.

BUP Career Club aims to serve as a platform for advancing the Industry and University Alliance. It is the primary point of contact for a number of prestigious organisations. BUP Career Club organises the recruiting process for recent graduates by placing them in assessment frameworks with potential companies. It also equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their different working situations.

Every year, BUP Career Club hosts three trademark events: BUP Career and Education Fest, MIC-Make It Count: An Public Speaking Competition, and BUP Career Edge: a workshop focusing on developing the existing skill set of Undergraduate and Graduate students. Aside from that, BUP Career Club hosts relevant seminars, webinars, and roadshows involving a variety of organisations and industry experts.


To act as the placement centre for the students as well as the official liaison between the corporate entities and the students of Bangladesh University of Professionals.


To play a major role in shaping up the careers of all the students of Bangladesh University Professionals and inspiring them to become the future leaders.


Empowering The Future Leaders


BUP Career & Education Fest

BUP Career and Education Fest is the annual flagship event of BUP Career Club which serves as one of most coveted platforms for the students of Bangladesh University of Professionals to connect with the leading business entities and their recruitment processes so that they can pursue a successful career in their respective fields. It is a three-day job fair which presents career opportunities to over one thousand graduates from 16 departments. It is generally held in the campus of Bangladesh University of Professionals where different organizations of the country set up their booths where they students can know about the organizations, drop their respective resumes and know about the recruitment procedures.

Moreover, workshops and seminars are held by the top industry experts to enhance the acumen of the students so that they can prepare in the right manner for their desired careers. BUP Career Club has designed an online platform to serve this purpose by displaying perseverance of the valued graduates through online medium. The continuity of cordial alliance among the organizations and BUP Career Club will help students of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) to outshine others in their future career undoubtedly.