BUP Career Club launched Board-In 2020 to find the newest batch of members that would lead the club to the future. The whole process took place from 26th January to 9th February, 2020. 509 students submitted their curriculum vitae to enter the three round screening process. The rounds comprised an online application phase, a focused group discussion round and lastly an interview round. The screening process was designed to find not only the best qualified but also the best motivated applicants out of the literal sea of applications that came in. Out of the 509 only 229 students made it to the focus group discussion round. Lastly after an interview round thoroughly screened the applicants only 47 were selected as general members of the club. Through this complicated process the applicants were given a taste of the real world and a preview into the dog-eat-dog nature of today’s employment market. In the end the overall aim of Board-In 2020 was to usher in the newest members of the BUP Career Club family and also to make the process a learning experience for all applicants.