“Brand”It is that one majestic trait that gives edge over competitors. This one simple word provokes your mind to instantly think of companies which radiate a majestic superpower over its competitors. Naturally, names like Apple and Nike would pop in your mind. It is because these companies have successfully established their value proposition into the minds of people; offering one-of-a-kind experience.

Likewise, in this tech driven world where any course is just one tap away. Thousands of graduates acquiring similar knowledge, experience and expertise. What sets you apart? This brings us to the basic recruitment question: Why should we select you? The most common answers are “I am dedicated, hard-working, skilled, etc.” In the end all these are overused mundane answers. Yet none of these earn tick marks from the recruiter.

During one of the sessions held at BUP Career and Education Fest 2019, Zara Mahbub, CEO of Kazi IT Center had simply put it as the recruiters’ search for the right “Attitude and Mindset”. According to her, everything is very dynamic. Numerous unfavourable or unforeseen incidents are bound to take place. It is important to stay strong, not only for yourself but for everyone around you. The ‘can-do’ positive yet realistic attitude is thus a necessity. Take the Covid-19 pandemic for instance. This world-wide medical emergency has completely shaped-up the global mechanism. Homes have turned into workplaces; hygiene, health and safety are taken more cautiously. Economies are running on the basis of adaptive capacities. This ability to act flexibly was possible for moving forward with the right mindset.

In the case of an employee mindset, one relies on orders to be passed down from the top. The risk aversion nature does not challenge management or other members of the team to improve or formulate a new, innovative way to execute an existing process. As opposed to that, a branding mindset would motivate you to present your best self every day and constantly work to enrich your knowledge and expertise. For this, you need to offer expertise and experience to all stakeholders, unlike anyone else. It is something which needs to be developed and worked upon.

At first, you need to value your education, experience and expertise. These are your key edifiers. You need to have the drive to consistently revamp yourself, rise above mediocrity. Carry out even the smallest of your tasks with dedication. Learn to value your relationships with people, whom you meet on a regular basis. Explore various methods of communications during staff meetings, with cautious of course. Make an effort to attend all-hands meetings and work place get together sessions, while maintaining safety precautions and social distancing. For video calls or Zoom meetings, keep your video turned on and make some effort on your appearance. Focus on building relationships.  Remember, you add value in everything you do and everyone you come in contact with.

Interestingly enough, regardless of your effort, personal brand ceases to exist. It is how you represent yourself in the work space while also incorporating the personal elements that forms your identity. It is how people perceive you, the impression you create of yourself. Your social media presence plays a huge role in this. Go ahead and search yourself, look at the search results. Those are the things which would appear on the screen under your name. Your interaction with like-minded people can be a great way of network while giving purpose to your engagement activities.

In your aim to establish and maintain a substantial personal brand, authenticity is a tremendous asset. It is vital to remain true to yourself.  Authenticity helps to minimize your weaknesses in a way, while highlighting your strengths. When you associate with companies that accept your style and experience, a safe atmosphere is formed for showcasing your personal brand at all times. The sense of achievement and the fulfilling environment would result in motivation required for you to put effort that would go above and beyond. Similar to the best brands, which consistently upscale itself; you as an individual would have the purpose to do the same for yourself.

Personal branding is a rigorous process with no limit on progress. At this age and time, it is imminent. Hence, the best thing would be for us to take responsibility for it and shape the brand we want ourselves to be recognized as.