One of the very basic traits of the much evolved human psychology is that every individual wants to improve the situation that comes within and revolves around them. To be more precise, an individual belonging to the modern civilizations focuses on consistently trying to improve on the various components of life and career is an integral component that binds the other components together such as the source of livelihood, social status, lifestyle and what not. Every individual wants to thrive on the job which is accustomed to the certain individual by disparate qualifications and training.

However, while constantly fixating on improving on academics, financial aspects and lifestyle, people tend to forget another very significant trait of basic human nature and that is sustenance.  As a matter of fact, the importance of sustainable choices, policies, and activities couldn’t be stressed enough during the unique circumstances in the year of 2020 dismantled by a pandemic known as Covid-19. Hence, having several distinctive attributes that can meet different needs in the society is very important in ensuring a sustainable life and career in the remote future which is always full of uncertainties.

Glimpses of opportunities are hard to come by when the times are unfortunate but having a resilient mentality along with the blend of practical and adaptive skills can float one’s boat when the sea is violently unkind. For instance, Mr Rakib Ahmed, a millennial, graduated with a degree in economics from a reputed institution at the end of 2019. As the popular notions go, he was supposed to be employed after the completion of his degree. After completing his internship from a leading organization by March 2020, he waited for his opportunity to flourish on a relevant career but little did he know that an epidemic would turn into a pandemic and crush all his aspirations to have a commendable job and thus become a huge barrier on his way to improve his life and those of his family members.

As the pandemic had already affected almost every sphere of the society, Mr Ahmed and his family were having serious restraints trying to meet ends for survival as the overall economic situation deteriorated. Despite having such desperate times, Mr Ahmed didn’t give in to the miseries that he was confronting. He had done some basic courses of making Chinese cuisines during his college days and decided to open an online service through which he would do home deliveries of Chinese dishes all over his city. With a very meager capital and his decade old bicycle, he started the business. The business didn’t necessarily flourish in great ambits, but it was good enough to keep himself and his family going in the tough period. By the end of September, the lockdowns were taken off completely and businesses tried to operate in pre-pandemic manners, Mr Ahmed succeeded in securing a well paid job in an organization and his situation has improved significantly. On the contrary, many classmates of Mr Rakib Ahmed had lone aspirations to be employed in a relevant organization and kick-start their careers, but the pandemic ended up putting them down to an abysmal state of mind which is hindering their redemption even after the situation has got a bit better at present.

The pandemic has caused significant damage to the mental, physical and economic situation of the people living in the different societies around the world, but many people like Mr Ahmed are recovering from the situation and trying to get back on their feet. There are many examples in the society that vision for development and progress is always laudable but when a situation as tough as a widespread pandemic comes by, the ability to hold on to life by unique endeavours prove to be far more rewarding and conducive than everything else. As the preconceived notion perceives that nature has its own way of healing itself, it is true in the case of human beings too as we are a big part of nature.

The example of resilient attitude like that of Mr. Ahmed can be found in many households around us. Many people have taken great strides to survive themselves and the surrounding lives with their attitude by settling in for unorthodox endeavours and activities in an attempt to redeem the process of development in their usual stories of life. The idea of development in our society is undoubtedly indispensable but the attributes of sustainable choices and activities is what really matters at the end of the day.